Yikes, a studio!

Hello all! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably already saw my BIG announcement this morning! I am blessed to have the opportunity to try my talent out in a studio setting this year! God has taken me many places with my photography and this is the next big thing. He provided a lovely friend with a big heart to let me see if this will work out! It could make me a more solidified business owner, and provide an awesome look at behind the scenes work in a studio. I want to learn more, get more creative, and really venture out in the art of photography. In the next couple months I will be sharing videos and photos of the studio until I am ready to take clients. Looking back at where I started years ago with photography, I have grown a lot. I know that growth will continue to rise, especially with the help of all my dedicated subjects! So stay tuned, keep taking all the photos, get ideas in your head of what you want to see at JSP! I still work full time and juggle everyday life, so this balance of photographing more and having an alternative place to shoot at will continually be in prayer! BUT... maybe, just maybe... one day I can call photography my full time job! Ooops, I said it. Yikes. I'm so excited!

Stay tuned for more to come!