What is Aperture?

When you first get your nice fancy camera it can be a little overwhelming at first right? I still remember my first digital camera that probably fit in the size of my hand when I was about 12! Boy have I upgraded since then! Ha! In order to get the lighting you want on a particular outdoor setting, one of the things you need to have is your aperture set correctly! The aperture (or F-stop) is the opening in the camera that allows the light to come in. When the f-stop is low, the pathway for light to come in is larger. It can be a little confusing at first until you practice, practice, practice! That is why when you are photographing in a low light setting, you want a low f-stop so more light will come through on your subject! When the f-stop is moved higher, the opening for the light begins to get smaller, which lets less light come through. Aperture also controls the depth of field, which I will share more information about in an upcoming blog post! All makes sense right? Maybe not yet. Get your camera out and experiment! Look up some information online about your specific lens and what range of f-stop it offers. Play around and take all the photos!

- Jessie Schultz Photography