The Golden Hour

When I first started photographing I always thought evening light and the "golden hour" were pretty interchangeable. As you practice with different lighting scenarios though, you will realize they are quite different! When the sun begins to set in the evening the light is still pretty bright and can be a little harsh on your subjects, depending on the angle. The golden hour is the last bit of sun before it sets, its a pretty popular favorite for photographers! I love to filter out sun through trees as the sun gets lower. The goal is to get a good amount of warm light surrounding your subject. You can also adjust your subject accordingly to get a little lens flare around them. Most of the time I will continue to shoot until the sun is almost gone, even capturing the pretty sky behind them in some circumstances. It just makes for a beautiful image! Your ISO will most likely be anywhere from 400-800 in this type of lighting. So have fun, drag your kids out into the sunset, and practice!

oh, and take all the photos!

- Jessie Schultz Photography