That New Year Vibe!

Do you do new years resolutions? If you are like me, I think they are kinda silly. I think its great to have goals, intentions, and strive for things! The word "resolution" is just a word I don't like to use! My goal this year is to grow my business, increase my popularity with my photography, be a better blogger (try saying that 5 times fast), and critique my work to make myself better! I KNOW I can't do this without all of my clients help! I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to everyone I have photographed in the past that has made my future with photography possible! What do you intend to do this year? Work out more? Lose weight? I challenge you that if you don't have a goal, make one. Even if it's extremely tiny. Read one book, lose 5lbs, play on the ground with your kids more, or just make it a goal to be kind to someone out of the ordinary. Once we set our mind on something and go for it, we feel that purpose in life. That strive to be better, and that strive to make a difference. Be kind. Be passionate. Find your niche and go for it! I work full time, a mom of two little ones, a wife, a photographer, a student, a believer, a friend, and so much more! I juggle it all (somehow, someway, most of the time I have no idea), but I do it! I have motivation and I want you to find that too! So stop what you are doing. Pause. Breathe. Find something you want to accomplish. Pray about it. Take small steps toward it. Do it!

In the meantime...

Stay tuned and subscribe to Jessie Schultz Photography. I will be posting more and putting sessions on here throughout the year to showcase some of my work!

Thank you all!