That Morning Light!

Having a great scenery with good lighting and knowing the correct time of day to photography your subject is another key attribute to beautiful photos! I personally, love late afternoon/early evening light. We will cover that in another post, but today we are going over morning light! Morning time is a good time for babies and toddlers, cause they are

H-A-P-P-Y! Morning light is similar to evening light in a way. It does not have much shade or area to filter out the light. It can be a bit on the harsh side and kind of have a bright white sky. A little bit of haze in your image can happen too, especially if you are shooting super early! I personally love a little bit of haze, I think it's natural and pretty but it can be hard to edit if its out of control. A good timeframe for morning light in my opinion (depending on the time of year) is 7am-10am. I always try to find a good area with good coverage, and an location where some light can pop through. It allows for good exposure for your subjects, making them pop in front of the light!