That Mid-Day Light

It's so cold out and I want the warmth of this sweet girls' curly hair! Shooting mid-day is definitely not ideal for photography. The sun is glaring down right on top of your subjects, and its just really harsh lighting to work with. It causes a lot of shadows and unwanted glare to your images. This image was taken roughly around the noon hour. Sometimes you just have to work with what works with your schedule/subjects but if you can avoid it, try to shoot early morning or late afternoon/early evening! I definitely recommend shooting in shade (almost always). There may be pockets of light filtering through but that can make the image really pleasant to look at. You may also get lucky if the sky is overcast. The mid-day hour can also bounce color off objects, like the green on the trees. It's not always harsh, but you can fix that in the editing process. If you do not have shade, it can be tough. Try to find the easiest area to shoot where the light won't be beaming down on their faces. Sometimes, I will have them close their eyes, count to three, and then open to avoid squinting! Your ISO would be way down, probably around 250. Like I said, its not my favorite, but you need to be prepared to shoot at any time of the day! Have fun playing with your camera, and take all the photos!

- Jessie Schultz Photography