That Evening Light

By now you probably have gotten the picture of what I'm trying to do here! I'm trying to help you the best I know how in understanding your camera and how to use it in all types of lighting scenarios during the day! The evening light is probably my favorite to shoot in! Of course it runs right into the gold hour (double heart emoji), which I will cover next post! Especially in the summer, I love that late evening light. It's so dreamy! Evening light is a little like morning light. You'll need to find an area with some good coverage but that still has enough light to filter through. The evening light can create a beautiful photo with "rim light" that allows your subjects to stand out from the background. In this image, the sun is peeking through just enough to get a little glare on her gorgeous hair but has enough coverage from the trees to that there isn't an over exposed background! When it warms up, take your kids out in the evening and photograph your heart out. You won't regret it, and take all the photos!

- Jessie Schultz Photography