Please, take my picture.

It's been awhile since I've done a post on here! Life has been crazy lately. We sold our house, bought some land (18 acres, yikes!), moved in with some family and are exploring our dream of building our forever home. My youngest isn't sleeping through the night, I work full time and try to run a photography business. My oldest is starting pre-school up again next week, and is in dance class. We are super social and love to spend time with all of our friends, so the amount of activities is always constant. We are involved in church...AWANAS, Sunday school, small groups (yes, multiple), Sunday service, and ad hoc fellowship invites we receive while also serving in children's ministry. I am finally taking a break from school, but will have to start up again sometime. (Ah, breathe!)

Man, life gets hectic. It gets chaotic. But you know what I love? Seeing all the photos from all these things. Even if its just a week later, I will scroll through my phone or camera just reminiscing about how much fun that day or night was. When you leave this world, these things are all your loved ones have. I recently took photos of myself just for business purposes (see one of my favs above), and I thought to myself beforehand...I will probably look fat and sweaty in these pics and I probably won't want to use any of them online. Guys, I felt so beautiful during this session! A shout out to Jen Klamm Photography for capturing that little nose crinkle that my husband loves when I smile. I promise, if you learn to love yourself, your body, your mind, and just appreciate who you are as a person...anything is possible and you can be your best self. Moms, grandmas, sisters, or whoever you are...take time to take the photo. Whether you are in your Sunday best or right outta bed. Take the pic. Grab your kid and smile. Strike a pose alone for no reason. You won't regret it and even if you don't love how it turns out..who cares. When you are gone, its all your kids will have and they've loved you for you since day one. Memories fade & can become fuzzy, but with the technology of digital images these's so easy to remember that exact moment from a photograph. So please, take my picture. Smile. Say cheese. Laugh. Make a funny face. Just.Be.You.

Take all the photos

Jessie Schultz Photography