Overcast Lighting!

Shooting in overcast light can be tricky, yet easy at the same time. I personally love the sun glares and all that comes with shooting in the sun but overcast lighting kind of takes the thought out of a lot of it! In this photo below, the sun is hiding behind the clouds and it was a bit rainy that day. To avoid dark shadows on faces and dark eyes, its important to try and have your subject face the light coming through. Once you find that sweet spot, raise your ISO up just a tad until you find the right setting. If you are shooting midday in overcast, and the sun is directly over your subject I’ve always found it helps to find a little shade with your subject facing the sun that overhead. It’s fun to play around with lighting and experience different types of settings and scenarios. With Spring coming, I’m sure we will have some overcast/rainy days! Take a friend or someone you know well out and practice, practice, practice! Take all the photos!

- Jessie Schultz Photography