Low Light Situations

The dreadful, nerve wrecking, low light situations! These are not always fun but hey, you have to be ready for it all right? In this image below, the only light is from my camera and a little bit from some outside windows on the far edge of the reception building. For me personally, wedding receptions, birthday parties, or basically anything indoors without a lot of windows, I would consider “low light” scenarios. You may get a little grain or noise because that is expected when raising your ISO higher in low light situations but with the correct exposure you can try to minimize it. Make sure that your f-stop on your lens is low, allowing more light to come in and with a reduced shutter speed to grab the image quickly. Don't be nervous going into these situations. With practice, and knowledge you will learn the tools needed to capture great low light images.

Take all the photos!

- Jessie Schultz Photography