Indoor Lighting!

Indoor lighting has become one of my new hobbies with getting the studio up and running! (stay tuned for studio photos and a video run through of the new place coming soon!) Typically, with indoor lighting you want to always have a lot of natural light coming in! Studio lighting is definitely an option but it kind of just depends on what type of a photographer you want to be or maybe a little mix of both?! You can set your subject right in front of the window and expose your subject! I love seeing that natural light reflecting out of their eyes and even being able to see camera in them. Especially with little ones, it’s a beautiful thing to witness! Creating soft shadows on the sides of their faces will also enhance the drama of the image. I recommend playing with indoor lighting (as I’m doing right now!) and see what kind of shadows fall on your subject and how the outcome of different settings inside turns out. This image below was around an 800 ISO but it can change throughout the session depending on where the sun moves. Oh joy! Another obstacle. Don’t worry, just practice, and take all the photos!

- Jessie Schultz Photography