Depth of Field

Do you want those pretty focused images with a blurred background?

The ones that make things "pop". The lower the F-stop (see previous blog post) you shoot with, the more depth of field is created! So what your camera is focused on, the rest of the image will be blurred out! This effect has become easy to do even with our smart phones! When photographing 2 or more people I usually try to place them side by side or lined up in a certain fashion. This will let my camera focus on all of their faces and have that blurry background effect! If you want your subjects at different lengths from the camera, then you would shoot at a high f-stop and back away from your subjects. Next week I will dive into lighting situations but for a little hint, the more light you have, the less depth of field (blurry background at a shorter distance). The less light you have, the more depth of field. Depth of field can be a tricky thing to get the hang of, especially when you start with a brand new camera for the first time. Don't be intimidated. Practice, practice, practice! Heck, I'm still practicing!

See you next week!

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